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SPA 2015 Montgomery Tournament Tops Forty Teams


 MONTGOMERY, ALABABMA - Combine a great location with the reputation of a well-run tournament and the result is predictable.

For the third straight year the SOUTHERN SPA NIT IN MONTGOMERY ALABAMA an increased attendance, this year attracting FORTY TEAMS.

 Over the past three years the MONTGOMERY TOURNAMENT has increased from thirty teams to thirty-five teams and this year to forty teams,” SPA PRESIDENT RIDGE HOOKS said, “ That is an increase of over ten-percent each year and this year's total of FORTY TEAMS is higher than THIRTY-SEVEN other senior tournaments conducted east of VEGAS by all other senior organizations in 2014.”

 Tournament Director for the 2015 MONTGOMERY TOURNAMENT DON CHERRY also was excited about the continued increase in teams.

 The increase has a lot to do with LAGOON PARK ,” CHERRY said, “ LAGOON PARK is one of the best complexes on the senior softball circuit and the people in charge of the facility do a tremendous job in keeping it that way. we had a great tournament with lots of new teams and new winners”

 The forty-team tournament at MONTGOMERY, MARCH 12-15 saw EIGHT CHAMPIONS crowned in the 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 age groups.

 ADIKTIVE MERCHANTS ran the table in the 50 MAJOR BRACKET downing TEAM ARKANSAS (31-14), DOC C'S (34-33), MONSTER SOFTBALL (32-25) and MONSTER SOFTBALL again, this time in the title game 35-24 to take the top prize.

 Others in the six team bracket were ALABAMA BRICK and ATLANTA MONRACH MIKENS.

In the 50 AAA team, another GEORGIA TEAM, MAJOR LEAGUE MIKEN, went home with the “brass ring”.

 MAJOR LEAGUE MIKEN downed AFINITY ELEVATOR 10-5 and BLUEGRASS SOFTBALL twice (20-15, 28-15) for the 50 AAA crown.

 Filling out the five-team bracket were MONTGOMERY SWARM and NORTH GEORGIA OUTLAWS,

 Three teams battled in the 50/55 MAJOR PLUS BRACKET with TSC MIKEN coming out on top, TSC had to beat PLE 41-34 in the “IF” game to escape with the title after PLE forced the deciding match with 31-25 win over the “champs”.

 NEXT LEVEL was the third team in the field

 TENNESSEE'S EDGE SOFTBALL bested FLORIDA'S DAVID BOWEN SPORTING GOODS 34-15 and 23-22 in a best two-out-of-three showdown for the 5/60 MAJOR CROWN.

 The 55AAA title went to DT EXPRESS, who had to survive a late rush by GAS.

 In the four-team bracket, DT EXPRESS sent GAS into the loser's bracket with a 19-18 win in the opener. The EXPRESS gang took care of the BAMA OLD GUYS 31-20 in the next game and then sat back and waited for their next opponent.

 In the meantime, GAS eliminated JR TRUCKING 24-9 and the BAMA OLD GUYS 17-7 to earn another shot at DT EXPRESS. This time GAS won 24-15 to force an “IF” game. The title game was close all the way but DT EXPRESS held on for the 16-12 win and claim the 55 AAA crown.

 SIX TEAMS squared off in the 60 BRACKET with RANDY SMITH going undefeated to win the championship. It wasn't easy though as the champs had to survive a pair of one-run wins on their way to the title.

 RANDY SMITH knocked off COLUMBUS LX 24-19 and BOYS OF SUMMER 23-22 before beating COLUMBUS LX 16-15 in the title match.

 COLUMBUS LX after losing the opener to RANDY SMITH beat ATLANTA RECYCLING, STRYKERS and BOYS OF SUMMER to make it to the championship game.

DIXIE SOFTBALL and RANEW rounded out the six-team bracket.

 MUSTANGS won the four-team 65 BRACKET with three straight wins over EXTREME HEAT and HUFFMAN ELECTRIC twice.

 SLO SOX was the fourth team in the bracket.

 SOUTHEAST LEFTOVERS made up for their 2014 runner-up spot by winning this year's 70/75 title. The 75 MAJOR LEFTOVERS claimed the crown beating 70 AAA BROOKS AND CRIM 12-11 and 75 MAJOR ED'S ALUMINUM 20-4.

 The 75 AAA GEORGIA CLASSICS filled out the four team bracket.

"It was a great tournament and we expect to increase attendance again next year," concluded CHERRY.



SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA – Senior Softball's longest running MID-WEST tournament, the HOOSIER CLASSIC celebrated its 19th consecutive year entertaining thirty-three teams July 15-20 at SHELBYVILLE'S BLUE RIVER PARK.

“The HOOSIER CLASSIC is by far one of the best senior tournaments going,” SPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR RIDGE HOOKS said, “How can you argue with success. Nineteen consecutive years, that is fantastic.”

“DWAINE LAIRD started this tournament years ago and today ED WEST along with GEORGE LANE and R.C.BROWN have continued to make the HOOSIER CLASSIC one of the most respected senior softball tournaments not only in SPA but in the entire senior softball program,” HOOKS added.

Limited by only having four fields, the 2014 SPA HOOSIER CLASSIC again reached the maximum amount of teams with thirty-three visiting BLUE RIVER PARK. Ten champions were crowned AA/AAA double-elimination event.

KENTUCKY team BORROMEOS took home the 50 AAA title edging INDIANA'S CIRCLE CITY PLAYMAKERS 17-16 in the championship game. BLUEGRASS SOFTBALL was the third team in the group.

A home state team, ANTIQUE ROADSHOW narrowly held off SIX PACK 22-21 IN THE 55 AAA FINALE. SIX PACK made it to the championship game by slipping by LOUISVILLE OG'S 18-17.

It was a CANADIAN HOLIDAY as CAVCO came south of the border to beat INDY FOG 19-13 for the 60 AA crown. The DAYTON LEGENDS rounded out the three-team bracket.

The ZEPPELINS won a nail-biter in the 60 AAA GOLD brackets. The ZEP'S held on for a narrow 18-17 over UNIVERSAL SOFTBALL. The KC THUNDER finished third.

(BY) GRACE REDEEMED beat THE BOMB SQUAD twice (33-19, 20-19) to finish on top of the podium in the 60 AAA SILVER BRACKET. SYLVANIA, OHIO'S MAUMEE BAY RAPTORS was the third team in the group.

JIM & JOE'S went 3-0 beating the INDIANA LEGENDS 15-7, KENTUCKIANA 16-12 and the INDIANA LEGENDS again, this time 28-12 to win the 65 AA BRACKET.

US JOBS kept the 65 AAA title in the home state beating DOC MARTENS 16-13 in the title game. Leading up to the finale, US JOBS had a pair of close calls edging DOC MARTENS 22-21 and MID STATES SENIORS 18-17.

Five teams went after the bacon in the 70 AA BRACKET and when the dust had cleared, CENTRAL OHIO COSSA stood at the top of the heap.

COSSA beat MID STATE SRS 15-9 and JOB CENTRAL 24-18 before disposing of SENIOR RED BIRDS 26-18 in the championship game. The other team in the field was the COLUMBUS SILVER STICKS.

The INDY CROWNS ran the table beating CHICAGO GEEZERS 23-17, PFEIFFERS AUTO 30-29 and PFEIFFERS AUTO again (21-20) for the 75 AAA GOLD title. PRO HEALTH CARE rounded out the bracket.

The LOUISVILLE THUNDER downed the SILVER FOXES (22-6) and the MICGIGAN LAKERS twice by scores of 14-13 and 24-15 for the 75 AAA SILVER CHAMPIONSHIP.

The seven team tour out for the 75's DIVISION championship was the third highest gathering of 75's in any senior softball tournament, regardless of the organization, east of Vegas. Only THEE BUCKEYE CLASSIC and the SPA 75's WORLDS had more.



 DALTON, GEORGIA – What a difference a year makes. After going 1-2 in the SPA 55 MAJOR WORLDS in 2013, DOCS came up with a new prescription for success and ran the table at the this year's SPA WORLDS to take the 2014 55 MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP.

The tournament held JULY 17-20 at HERITAGE POINT PARK in DALTON, GEORGIA saw DOCS with the exception of a tight 29-28 win over SWEET CONSTRUCTION in the second round easily roll to the 55 MAJOR TITLE.

 Our secret this year is we have a balanced attack of one-thru-twelve in the batting order,” DOCS and SPA'S 50 MAJOR MANAGER-OF-THE-YEAR NICK INBODEN said, “Teams can't take a breather at any time in our order, anybody in the line-up can hurt you.”

 That fact is easily solidified by the fact DOCS using all 15 players on the roster had an actual team batting average of .750. In all games pool and bracket with the exclusion of a forfeit win, they outscored the opposition 132-89.

 In bracket play they averaged 29 runs a game to their three opponents' 15 run total. After their 29-28 win over SWEET, they easily disposed of HIGH STREET BUCS 27-9, S.A. 55 SOFTBALL (15-0 FORFEIT) and SWEET CONSTRUCTION again, this time in the title game 31-9.

 We were on our game in this tournament,” INBODEN said, “Sometimes you get in one of those grooves where hitting and good defensive plays become contagious with nobody wanting to make the last out and everyone is playing at the top of their game. This was one of those times.”

 This has also been a good year on the tournament trail for DOCS as they have added titles from the BRICKYARD, SMOKEY MOUNTAIN, DAYTON and COLUMBUS,OHIO in addition to their first SPA WORLD TITLE at DALTON.

 We play all the organization's tournaments,” INBODEN said, “ Although SPA is by far our favorite, you have to play tournaments where they have a 55-major division, which isn't always the case at SPA tournaments.”

 With all the traveling we have to do, senior softball is expensive,” INBODEN added, “We foot our own travel bills but we also receive some great help from our sponsor who pays the entry fees and covers the cost of uniforms and other incidentals.”

 DOCS sponsor is a DOC (what a surprise). Chiropractors KEN SCHONE and LYNN RINGHEISER have not only been taking care of the team financially but also in the office.

 Every week either before or after tournaments, we (team) all start limping into their office for weekly adjustments,” INBODEN laughed, “ They are really good and I would recommend them to anybody, especially ballplayers.”

 The team was originally SCHONES when they started as a 50's team in 2005 and today, almost ten years later, still consider softball a way of life.

 Most of us grew up together on the ball field and we just look forward to continuing it,” INBODEN explained, “ Our tournaments are more like a family reunion where everyone , wives included, get together for a fun two-or-three day vacation. Those are great memories and just make playing senior softball that much more enjoyable.”

 INBODEN also mentioned his team is starting to get close to social security age with three-quarters of the squad past the age of 60 years, but he isn't concerned.

 Age is just a number.” he said, “You have to forget that number and just go out and play, have fun and treasure the memories of being together.”

 Five of those teammates came in for special recognition at DALTON.

 CLIFF CARPENTER was honored as the TOURNAMENT MVP. All the second baseman did was compile a team high .945 batting average.

 Being selected to the ALL-AMERICAN team were REX HICKS (3B,,844), GARY PERKINS )P, .824), TEDDY WEINGARTNER (DH/C, .830), KEVIN FARKAS (1B, .834) and CARPENTER.


 Coming in for special recognition from INBODEN and his teammates were the “traveling wife's club.”

 They have been really supportive,” INBODEN said, “There is no way we could pursue our hobby without their help. They have supported us all the way.”

 They (wives, friends) are also at the games cheering us on, helping at team's functions. They are a very special part of our success and although maybe we don't say it enough, “we really do appreciate them.”


 WEINGARTNER, according to INBODEN, also deserves the “SPA 2014 STATISTICIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD.”

 She is fantastic,” he said.

 As for 2015, the program has not been set.

 With so many 60's players we do not know if we will stay at 55 MAJOR PLUS or go 60, we haven't decided yet,” the MANAGER-OF-THE-YEAR said, “One thing is for certain we want to return to DALTON, whatever age or Division we are in.”

 This is just a great facility and there always lots of great competition with all the other major and major plus teams attending. RIDGE HOOKS and SPA run a tremendous tournament, we really enjoyed it.”



 SYLVANIA, OHIO – The SPA 2014 SYLVANIA GREAT LAKES NIT TOURNAMENT continues to carry a “SUPERIOR RATING” as far as senior softball teams are concerned.

The fourth year of the GREAT LAKES event, held at OHIO'S SYLVANIA, RECREATION'S PACESETTER PARK JULY 31-AUGUST 3, saw an increase in participation with FORTY-ONE TEAMS participating in the seven divisional brackets. It was the third growth year in a row for one of SPA'S most popular tournaments.

We not only are growing but for the first time we brought in teams from the east coast,” SYLVANIA TOURNAMENT REPRESENTATIVE JERRY KEEFE said,” That shows our reputation as a quality tournament is spreading. In addition to CANADIAN, MICHIGAN,OHIO and INDIANA teams we also had teams from CHICAGO, PITTSBURGH and NEW JERSEY.”

A lot of the credit for the recognition the GREAT LAKES TOURNEY is receiving should go to JAKE HENSEL, SYLVANIA RECREATION PROGRAM DIRECTOR and SPA REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE LARRY MILLIRON.” KEEFE added.” They both do a great job and their efforts along with the PARK'S grounds crew reflects why this tournament is so well received.”

The tournament's largest group, the 60 AAA, saw eight teams battle for the championship with UNIVERSAL SOFTBALL beating the “home town” MAUMEE BAY RAPTORS twice for the title. The COLUMBUS team won 24-16 in the title match and 23-22 in an earlier bracket game.

UNIVERSAL also beat CARR'S SHELL 25-10 and MINUTEMEN/PEPCO 16-10. The RAPTORS reached the title game by beating CHICAGO PRIME 17-6.

The other teams in the bracket were THE BOMB SQUAD, PRONIO SPORTS and OHIO SILVERADO'S. The EIGHT teams in the 65 AAA DIVISION was the fifth highest entry total of any senior softball tournament east of VEGAS.

The GREAT LAKES also had the second highest total of attendees in the 70 AA and 70 AAA, ranking only behind THEE BUCKEYE CLASSIC for all tournaments to date in senior softball east of VEGAS.

The 70 AAA DIVISION went to another COLUMBUS team as CENTRAL OHIO COSSA defeated MICHIANA MERCHANTS 17-14 in an “IF” game. The winners had forced the “showdown game” by beating MICHIANA 19-12 which also avenged an earlier 23-15 defeat at the hands of the team from ”UP NORTH”.

COSSA also had the distinction of playing the most games in the tournament They lost their second bracket game and had to fight their way out of the loser's bracket which forced them to play seven games to win it all.

COSSA'S other wins were 13-7 over JOB CENTRAL, 16-15 over BRANTFORD NISSAN, 8-5 against DORCHESTER CANADIANS and PITTSBURGH GOLD 21-16. AKRON BRENNANS was the other team in the seven-team bracket.

In the six-team 70 AA bracket the DAYTON LEGENDS edged FRICKER'S SPORTS BAR SYLVANIA 19-18 for the title. The DAYTON squad beat CHICAGO GREY SOX (15-0) and MISSISSAUGA LEGENDS 11-7 on the way to the crown.

FRICKERS beat CHICAGO (15-0) and MISSISSAUGA (16-12) to earn their spot in the finals. Others in the field were OLDE D'S and INDIANAPOLIS CLASSICS.

The four-team 60 AA title went to BRANTFORD NISSAN who swept bracket play beating MISSISSAUGA LEGENDS (22-13), CAVCO (19-15) and DAYTON (24-10). MISSISSAUGA made the finals by edging CAVCO 24-23.

The HAWKS NEST took no prisoners in easily going 4-0 in the six-team 65 AAA group. The PENNSYLVANIA team beat BRANTFORD NISSAN 21-14 in the finals after beating NEW JERSEY MASTERS 28-17, RUSH TRUCKING 27-16 and MICHIGAN LAKERS 32-21 in earlier games.

BRANTFORD beat the NEW JERSEY MASTERS 26-25 to make it to the title game. SYLVANIA 65's rounded out the field.

The WINDSOR CHIEFS 55's added an INTERNATIONAL flavor to the awards celebrations as the CANADIAN team nipped the GOLDEN VIPERS 20-19 for the five-team 55's DIVISION top spot.

The CHIEFS also beat BANKER AND MANN SOFTBALL 18-12 and the VIPERS 21-6 to go 3-0 in bracket play. The VIPERS made it to the finals by beating BANKER AND MANN SOFTBALL 19-10.


PDC also went undefeated in bracket play (3-0) to take home the top prize in the 50'S five-team group. The champs beat DAYTON LEGENDS HITMEN 26-25, JJ FINANCIAL EAGLES 23-15 and DAYTON LEGENDS HITMEN (earlier game) 21-18.

DAYTON slid by JJ FINANCIAL 18-17 to earn their spot in the finals. Others in the field were SYLVANIA EAGLES and WINDSOR FOG.

KEEFE summarized, “Good teams and good competition help make a good tournament and we had both this year and are eagerly looking forward to 2015 in hopes of reaching our goal of FIFTY TEAMS. Teams should watch for e-mails as soon as our dates are finalized.”



  SYLVANIA, OHIO – Sylvania, Ohio has become one of the fastest growing success stories in not only SPA but in all of senior softball.

 In eight years the SYLVANIA SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE has grown from one ten team league to two leagues with twenty teams and nearly 300 participants from age 50 up.

 In addition, the four-year old SPA SYLVANIA GREAT LAKES NIT CLASSIC, spearheaded by members from the SYLVANIA organization, is now in the top sixteen attended senior softball tournaments among all SPA, SSUSA and ISSA senior tournaments east of Las Vegas.

 Although he won't take all the credit he deserves, JERRY KEEFE has been the major moving factor in both.

 It took a lot of people not just one to get the ball moving to form the League and the tournament,” KEEFE said, “ GORDON HIRSCH, BRUCE ANDERSON, GARY MEYER and myself got the idea to start a senior league back in 2008 and that is how it started.”

 Most of the original members of the League came from the East Toledo organization and really weren't happy with the ETO.

 Borrowing on his marketing skills as MARKETING DIRECTOR for TOLEDO JEWELERS, KEEFE organized a marketing plan that would make any organization proud.

 Using a newspaper blitz in all papers within a FIFTY-MILES radius, he promoted and advertised for senior softball players. He then devised a mailing list using names of former players from rec leagues the quartet knew and topped it off with a phone blitz.

 Reaching potential customers, advertising the product and then selling it is the secret to any marketing plan and it really worked well for us,” KEEFE said.

 Another major factor in getting the league going and keeping it growing in popularity since 2008 has been sponsors.

 We couldn't keep our price per player down without sponsors,” KEEFE stated,”Without them it would cost players over $100 to sign-up in the League as opposed to the $70 we now receive”.

 The sponsors take care of the team shirts and hats and the league's biggest expense then are the field rentals and year-end awards. Members of all the league championship teams receive jackets and we also have additional individual awards at the Leagues Awards and Recognition Banquets,” he explained.

 Foremost among the sponsors is FRICKERS SPORTS BAR in SYLVANIA. Owner RAY FRICK sponsors six teams in the twenty-team league. He also backs the 70'S FRICKERS SPORTS BAR travel team and is constantly contributing additional money to the organizations operation.

 Speaking of tournament teams, there are travel teams in the 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 teams from the SYLVANIA league.

 Having travel teams has also helped increase our membership as members look forward to playing in different locations like Columbus, Barberton, Dayton and Shelbyville, “ KEEFE explained. “Maybe in a few years we can go to DALTON and other SPA tournaments.”

 Attending SPA tournaments in BARBERTON and COLUMBUS also gave KEEFE the idea to have a senior tournament in SYLVANIA.

 I contacted SSUSA and SPA but nobody was interested in us,” KEEFE explained, “But that changed when SPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR RIDGE HOOKS met with me at THEE BUCKEYE CLASSIC TOURNAMENT in JUNE, 2011 and talked with me about the possibility.”

 I was thinking, yeah right, you will probably forget about me and SYLVANIA as soon as you get back to OKLAHOMA. BOY WAS I WRONG!!.”

 HOOKS flew to SYLVANIA in JULY to meet with KEEFE and PACESETTERS ROB CONOVER about SYLVANIA hosting a tournament.

 He followed that up with another meeting in DECEMBER and shortly thereafter the SYLVANIA GREAT LAKES NIT was born.

 Just like the creation of the SYLVANIA SOFTBALL LEAGUE, getting the tournament started also was not a one-man operation,” KEEFE said, “In addition to ROB CONOVER and PACESETTER PARK, we received a lot of help from SPA's LARRY MILLIRON and HO HOFFMAN, especially through promoting our tournament at THEE BUCKEYE CLASSIC and on their web site. HO and RED BOLE also furnished us with their data base of over 200 teams with names, e-mails and phone numbers we could contact about our tournament.”

 KEEFE and the SYLVANIA tournament might have needed help at the start but now they are not only running on their own, but also helping other SPA tournaments directors.

 In his marketing mailer about the SYLVANIA tournament, KEEFE also promotes THEE BUCKEYE CLASSIC, COLUMBUS and other area SPA tournaments.

 Those tournaments are always promoting our tournament on newsletters, web sites and handouts at their tournament, so we do the same for them,” KEEFE explained, 'I have found if SPA area tournaments work together to promote each other, we all benefit.”

 The SYLVANIA League also has one of the best marketing tools in senior softball with their own web page at Lots of interesting articles, player profiles, current news and archives.

 However, it also has one of the best photo shoots in any senior web site. JOEL HANSON does a fantastic job with his pics on teams, individuals, sponsors, awards and such.

 Surprisingly, the one thing KEEFE is most proud of is not the tournament or the league but rather a special event put on by SYLVANIA LEAGUE COMMISIONER JAY SCHRAMM and members of the SYLVANIA SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE.

 In MAY, SCHRAMM along with the league organization raised over $30,000 for the WOUNDED WARRIORS PROJECTS. It was done mainly through a triple header softball event featuring WOUNDED WARRIORS, SYLVANIA POLICE. SYLVANIA FIREMEN and SYLVANIA LEAGUE players among others.

 There was also a number of other fund raisers and activities.

 KEEFE and SCHRAMM both agree there should be more to senior softball then just wins and losses.

 With the creation of the SYLVANIA SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE and the tournament, seniors have found an outlet to participate in an activity that they had previously given up on,” KEEFE summarized, “At SYLVANIA PACESETTER PARK, senior players have found their own “Field of Dreams”

 And you really couldn't ask for more.



DALTON, GEORGIA – It was another fantastic 50,55,60 MAJOR and MAJOR PLUS SPA DALTON WORLDS as FORTY-ONE teams from TWENTY-ONE states participated in the June 17 -20 event.

'WOW.!!!, All I can say is WOW!!,” SPA PRESIDENT RIDGE HOOKS said, “All year I have been hearing major and major plus teams aren't attending tournaments this year and then we see this type of turnout.”

 The problem for the majors and major plus teams isn't that they don't want to attend tournaments, they just can' find tournaments which will let them play,” HOOKS explained. “We (SPA) will change that a little next year, we are already planning to have two-or-three major and major plus tournaments over three months in 2015. We will find a place for the majors and major plus teams to play.”

 If those tournaments HOOKS is talking about are anything like the DALTON WORLDS you can certainly add another big WOW to the SPA 2015 MAJOR and MAJOR PLUS schedule.

 The 50's MAJOR 15-team bracket set the tone for the tournament with the championship going to an “IF” game to determine the winner. CALIFORNIA'S RATED ATHLETICS took the deciding game 30-28 over FLORIDA'S GOOD TIMES squad.

 The FLORIDIANS forced the “IF” game by beating RATED ATHLETICS 42-30 which ironically was almost all the runs the CALIFORNIA team had allowed (46) in their four previous bracket games.

 RATED ATHLETICS advanced to the title game with bracket wins over HERRINGTON SERVICES (27-12), MONSTER SOFTBALL (26-8) and LIGHTHOUSE LOOKOUTS (34-11). GOOD TIMES edged LEVIN 50'S 18-17 in the loser's bracket finals to earn their shots at RATED ATHLETCS.


 WISCONSIN'S DLB SOFTBALL ran the table in bracket play with wins over TEAM 1 SPORTS (43-38), TEAM ADIKTIVE 30-14, OKI (24-21) and MID-ATLANTIC (28-11) to claim the 50 MAJOR PLUS crown.

 MID-ATLANTIC reached the finals by disposing of the 2013 50 MAJOR PLUS CHAMP OKI 29-9 in the loser's bracket finals. Others in the eight-team group were TSC TRI-STATE, TEXAS PLAYERS, DLB SOFTBALL and BRYSON'S PUB/VELTRI.

 DOCS made up for their 2013 early exit (1-2) from the 55 MAJOR SPA WORLD'S TOURNAMENT by going undefeated in bracket play (4-0) to win the 2014 title.

 DOC'S started their title run by sneaking by SWEET CONSTRUCTION 29-28, followed by wins over HIGH STREET BUCS (27-9) and S.A. SOFTBALL (15-0). The OHIO wrapped up their championship run beating SWEET CONSTRUCTION again, this time 18-9.

 SWEET CONSTRUCTION reached the title game disposing of S.A. 55 SOFTBALL. Others in the ten-team field were LEVIN 55, TRIANGLE MASTERS, SCRAP IRON, GONZALES INSULATION, NEXT LEVEL and MWC.

 GONZALES INSULATION took no prisoners going undefeated in both pool and bracket play to win the five-team 60 MAJOR title. The TEXAS team beat K.C.KIDS (35-14) and HIGH STREET BUCS (15-13) in pool play and continued on in bracket play beating COLUMBUS LX 26-11 and CRYSTAL COBRA'S 34-20.

 SUPERIOR SR. SOFTBALL made amends for finishing in the runner-up spot in the 2013 SPA 60 MAJOR PLUS WORLDS by easily knocking off 2013 60 major champs MN MASTERS 37-18 in the finale.

 The VIRGINIA team earlier had beaten HOLLIS APPRAISALS 26-11 to make the title game. MINNESOTA WHITE made it out of the loser's bracket with a 29-24 win over HOLLIS in the three-team bracket.

 The SPA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP series continues with the 75AAA, 75 MAJOR and 80 AAA tournament AUGUST 11-14 in COLUMBUS, OHIO.

It wraps up SEPTEMBER 4-21 at DALTON with the WOMEN'S WORLDS, MENS' AA and AAA 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70's as well as the 65 and 70 major tournaments.




LOST MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA – Despite having to move the SPA 2014 PEACH STATE CLASSIC from AL BISHOP'S COMPLEX (MARIETTA, GEORGIA) to LOST MOUNTAIN PARK at POWDER SPRINGS the tournament still bettered last year's total drawing THIRTY-SEVEN teams.

 We knew last year that the AL BISHOP COMPLEX where we usually hold the tournament would be under renovation in 2014, so we planned ahead to use POWDER SPRINGS,” TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR ROBBIE FAUCETT said.

 PLANNING is the key word for a FAUCETT - run tournament as he leaves nothing to chance. He usually starts his planning for the PEACH STATE CLASSIC six months ahead of time and that is why the tournament is always SPA'S highest attended tournament in the South.

 It was no different this year as EIGHT DIVISION CHAMPS were crowned in the 50-thru-75 age brackets in the JUNE 26-29 tournament..

 IBALZ SOFTBALL was focused in on the assignment at hand beating N.GA. OUTLAWS two out of three for the 50 AAA TITLE.

 IBALZ SOFTBALL won 20-18, 18-19 and 23-15 in the deciding game for the championship.

 There was a little more action in the 50-MAJOR BRACKET with seven teams battling it out for the the top spot.

 In the end it was ATLANTA MONARCHS running the table with wins over TENNESSE COMETS 35-22, LANGSTON PAINTING REVENGE BAITS POWER FORCE 13-10, MONSTER SOFTBALL 29-27 and DOC C'S 26-13 in the title game.


 It took three games to decide the winner of the 50-MAJOR PLUS BRACKET in a two team battle between T.S.C. And ADIKTIV SPORTS. The teams split the first two games with T.S.C. winning 38-33 and ADIKTIVE SPORTS taking it's game 27-22.

 In a scoring bonanza T.S.C edged ADIKTIV SPORTS 39-35 for the championship.

 In a six-team battle for the 55-AAA title DAVID BOWEN SPORTING GOOD took no prisoners sweeping aside GEORGIA ALABAMA SNIORS (GAS) 20-19, DIXIE EXPRESS 23-21 and G.A.S. again, this time in the finals 23-9.

 ATLANTA RECYCLING SOLUTION LLC, (BY) GRACE REDEEMED and DT EXPRESS were the other teas in the bracket.

 The 60 AAA DIVISION saw 4:13 RIMFIRE go 3-0 in bracket play to best the other four teams in the group. RIMFIRE BEAT STRYKERS 28-14, ELITE 60'S 33-16 and 22-16 to claim the top spot.

 Others in the bracket were BOYS OF SUMMER and T.A.G.

 EDGE SOFTBALL downed COLUMBUS LX 34-20 and CAROLINA COBRA'S twice (29-25, 22-21) to take the three-team 60 MAJOR CROWN.

 The 65 AAA BRACKET saw HUFFMAN ELECTRIC go undefeated in four bracket games to win the six-team division title.

 HUFFMAN beat EXTREME HEAT (15-8), S.E. LEFTOVERS (23-14) and SPORTS LETTERING 65's twice (14-5, 21-14) to take home the top prize. Others in the field were TEAM ABC and TENNESSE R.V.

 The 70 AAA went to SENIOR MOMENTS after they beat the GEORGIA NUGGETS 14-8 in the title determining “IF” game.

 The NUGGETS forced the “IF” game coming out of the loser's bracket to defeat SENIOR MOMENTS 16-14.

 Others participating in the six-team field were LEIDEN'S LEGENDS, SPORTS LETTERING 70'S, GEORGIA CLASSICS and CRIM'S BORDER STATES 70'S..