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What's Happening in Senior Softball


Who need their own bat? Certainly not JOLICO 65’s ROSE BOLONE who used teammate PEGGY VAN ECKOUTE’s Miken to hit her first ever home run.

BOLONE enjoyed it so much she hit another, this one a grand slam.

“I have been playing softball since I was five years old and this was the first time I have ever hit a ball over the fence,” the JOLICO 65 catcher said.

Her first came in pool play during a 15-3 win over the OHIO CARDINALS but the second one was really big.

“We were only ahead by 16-13 in the seventh inning of the championship game with the SENIOR DIAMONDS when I hit the grand slam,” BOLANO said.” I was so excited, it really felt great.”

Her blast helped JOLICO 65’s win the title game 20-13.

Her big disappointment, however, was not getting to trot around the bases.

“Ever since I was a kid, I would dream of hitting a home run and trotting around the bases,” she said. “But darn it, SPA has a rule “hit and sit”, so I was only able to trot to first base.

BOLANO also had a good tournament with the glove making two huge put outs at home plate in the championship game.

You would think softball would be her top sport but it isn’t, golf is her favorite.

“I only get to play around thirty games a year in softball but I golf twice a week in FLORIDA and I can do it year around,” she said.

She even credits golf for her softball swing.

“I am more relaxed with my grip and it helps timing and hand-to-eye coordination,”: she explained. “I use the same swing for both.”

The only difference between golf and softball is she has her own clubs.

“I’m sticking with using PEGGY’s bat, if she lets me,” she said..You can’t change a good thing.”


Move over Hank and Babe there is a new long ball basher in the neighborhood. Her name is PATRICIA ROE, a third baseman for the 35-year young MICHIGAN MIDWEST MAYHEM BALLERS.


Batting in the last inning with the bases loaded, ROE sent one over the 300-ft fence and not just over the fence. Easily clearing the 12-ft fence the ball hit high up on the 60-ft net behind the fence.

"I would estimate the shot about 350-ft," Tournament Director MIKE DESORBA said. "It was the longest ball I have ever seen hit out in a women's tournament."

It was also ROE's first since it was her first game in senior softball and also her first trip to Florida.

"I have been playing co-ed ball and women's fast pitch in Flint,' the Michigan resident said. "This was my first game ever in senior softball."

Roe, who coaches a high school girls FAST PITCH team at CARMAN AINSWORTH in FLINT thinks coaching others helps her own game.

"Softball is a game of fundamentals and you need proper fundamentals to succeed," she said. "By teaching them everyday it has helped me keep focused, especially at the plate."

Roe, who hit .750 in her first senior softball tournament says there is a difference in senior softball.

"The game is not as fast because everyone is older but talent wise it is really good," she said. "I didn't know what to expect in my first tournament but I was really impressed with the abilities of the ladies who played at Pensacola."

She and her team, the MIDWEST MAYHEM BALLERS are looking forward to the TWITTY SR WOMENS' TOURNAMENT later this month.

Their roster is made up half of MICHIGAN ladies and the rest from MARYLAND, OHIO, FLORIDA, MISSOURI and TENNESSEE.

"We had one practice together before our first game in Florida," ROE said. "Now that we know each other we should do much better at the Tennessee tournament, I am really looking forward to it."

It will be interesting to see how she does at the plate because she only needs 59 more homers to catch BABE RUTH.