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What's Happening in Senior Softball


The Dayton, Ohio First Flight Senior Tournament is back on the SPA schedule but with a new name and new date.

"We were never really gone," tournament director John Zampatti said, "it was just a matter of seeing when our Dayton fields were available and what SPA dates were available so we could match them."

The new dates correspond with the new name "Dayton First Flight Fire Cracker" SPA Tournament.

The dates are July 5-6-7-8 and is open to all ages and depending on teams entered, all divisions.

Entry fee is $450.

For more info or to get an early signing contact Zampatti at 937-371-9717.

With Dayton having a July date it means Ohio will have five SPA senior tournaments, once a month May thru August.

Two other SPA Ohio tournaments have also changed dates for 2018.

Columbus heart of Ohio is now may 9-13 and Thee Buckeye Classic June 12-24.

Distances from PA, Mich, KY, Ind, WVa are all within 400 miles while NY, NJ, VA and MD are about seven hours drive so each Ohio event is within driving distance.

The Ohio tournaments are:

   Columbus Heart of Ohio - May 9-13  $450/$495

   Thee Buckeye classic - Barberton - June 12-24  $475

   Dayton First Flight Firecracker July 5-8  $450

   Great Lakes Classic -- Sylvania August 1-5 $450/$495

   Spa 75-80 World - Columbus August 6-9

For more info on Thee Buckeye Classic and SPA tournaments as it becomes available visit:

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