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The 85-year young CENTER FOR SIGHT team invaded THEE SPA 2018 BUCKEYE CLASSIC in BARBERTON, OHIO June 18,19, 20 and surprised the competition nearly winning the 80 PLUS title straight-up.

Playing without the equalization extra player and additional runs the FLORIDA team went 4-2 just one game behind PRO HEALTH 5-1 in the FIRESTONE STADIUM division of the 12-team 80 field.

“What a thrill,” CF S manager HUGH BROTHERTON said. “We have never won more than one game in a tournament when we play against the kids (80 year old). This is real great !!

Brotherton’s team beat LOUISVILLE THUNDER 23-14, SYRACUSE 20-13, PRO HEALTH 19-16 and the THUNDER again. Their only defeats were 20-11 to the CHICAGO GEEZERS and second place (AKRON) FITTEAM 17-15.

“We should have beat FITTEAM,” Brotherton said. “We just made some mistakes at the wrong time.”

However the win over PROHEALTH was a huge bright spot for the 85-team.

“We never had never beaten PROHEALTH ever since we started playing them ten years ago,” BROTHERTON said. “That is a high point for us, to beat a quality team of kids like PROHEALTH just makes participating against the younger teams worthwhile.”

The CFS team has a hard time finding 85-young opponents to play and some times even 80-young teams.

“That is why we like coming to BARBERTON, there are always nine-or-ten 80’s to play and we do not have to play 75’s.” BROTHERON said. “Those kids are catching up with us and will soon be our age.”

When reminded the CFS team will be 90 when the 80’s are 85, Brotherton replied.

“We will still play them, they will just have to give us more runs and two extra players.”


Hugh Brotherton, FL; Willard Kittrell, FL; Harold Oliver, FL; Edward Schultz, FL; Bernard Sciacca; Tommy Hicks, FL; Bob Darnell, GA; Howard Schoen, GA; Ferrell Sparks, GA; Alan DeWerth, OH; Dwight McVicker, OH; Roger Thresher, OH; David Goldberg, MN; Jerry Jones, AL; James Thomas, MI; William Weddle, TN; Joe Sykes, TN and Stuart Sellinger.

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