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What's Happening in Senior Softball


The weather took its toll on the WOMEN'S ROCKY TOP NIT July 12-14 in KNOXVILLE with only three groups able to play.

SERIOUS FUN took the 55 DIVISION beating EAST COAST GEMS 7-4 in the title game. SERIOUS FUN had put EAST COAST GEMS into the losers bracket earlier with a 6-4 win but the GEMS downed 9-3 later on to set up the "IF" game championship.

The two teams were even in tournament play for the weekend with the GEMS beating SERIOUS FUN 11-9 in pool play. Others in the bracket were FIRE&ICE and SLUGGERS.

KRYPTONITE went undefeated in the 40/45 pool and bracket play beating TM FORCE 20-10,15-3 and LADY SHOT CALLERS 17-9 in bracket play and TM FORCE 17-15 and LADY SHOT CALLERS 19-3 in pool play.

PITCHES BE CRAZY was the fourth team in the group.

TAZ fought its way out of the loser's bracket to beat HILTON 16-8 to force an "IF" GAME and 11-8 in the title match. HILTON had put TAZ into the loser's bracket earlier with 13-10 win.

In pool play TAZ had beaten HILTON 14-5. OUTER LIMITS and PITCHES BE CRAZY rounded the 35+ group.

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